Catch a Steampunk Butterfly

Pink and Red Steampunk Necklace

How would you like to catch and own a Steampunk Butterfly like the one shown above?
No, you will not need to traipse and ramble across the moors with a giant butterfly net. Nor will you need to don night-vision goggles (Steampowered naturally) and stalk this glittering creature.
In fact, you will not even need to leave your chair…

To win this gleaming beauty, you simply have to click here to visit Adrienne Kress’s blog and leave a comment on her latest post. For anyone unfamiliar with Adrienne, she’s an actress and writer of darkly whimsical tales and her latest book The Friday Society is being released on December 6th and I can’t wait to read it!
From Amazon:

Set in turn of the century London, The Friday Society follows the stories of three very intelligent and talented young women, all of whom are assistants to powerful men: Cora, lab assistant; Michiko, Japanese fight assistant; and Nellie, magician’s assistant. The three young women’s lives become inexorably intertwined after a chance meeting at a ball that ends with the discovery of a murdered mystery man.

So head over to Adrienne’s blog right away and good luck 🙂

New Steampunk Jewelry for London Particulars


Ruby Red Steampunk Ring

The past few days have been busy ones, as I locked myself away in my Steam-Cave, designing new Steampunk Jewelry.

I’ve literally just uploaded three new pieces to London Particulars including the ruby-red ring you see above, a pair of Steampunk Earrings, a Neo-Victorian Necklace and a pair of shiny, Steampunk Cufflinks. If you’re super-quick (I advise using your Steam-powered Jetpack), you can soar over to London Particulars and snap these up.

If they’re already sold, just let me know and I will see if I can make something similar for you.

Steampunk Earrings with Purple Swarovki Crystals

These simple, yet gorgeous Steampunk Earrings are set in silver tones with a vibrant purple-amethyst accents. These gleaming wonders were created using a Vintage Ruby-Jeweled Watch Movements, bejeweled with Swarovski crystals and set upon silver-plated brass filigree earrings.

Steampunk Cufflinks with Hamilton Watch Movements

Ah, it’s a pair of shining Steampunk Cufflinks for your viewing pleasure! These silver and gold splendors have been designed using perfectly matched Vintage Hamilton 17 Ruby-Jeweled Watch Movements. I am sure you can see that they will bring a touch of class and panache to any pair of cuffs!

Amethyst Steampunk Necklace

This fantastically detailed Steampunk Butterfly Necklace is a bejeweled wonder which I captured as it flitted past me in the Steam-Cave and set upon a silver-finished cable chain. The piece was created using a Vintage Ruby-Jeweled Watch Movement with Swarovski Crystals set in shades of Violet, Pink and Red.
The chain measures 18 inches, but if you would like it at a different length, just let me know.

You can find all of these pieces in my Etsy shop London Particulars.