Red and Green Steampunk Jewelry for the Holidays!

London Particulars and its clockwork elves are working flat out to send Steampunk Jewelry across the globe. If only I had a sleigh…
So in the spirit of Christmas and the Holidays, and of all things red, green and sparkly, I’ve created this post with some specially selected Steampunk gift ideas for you to give to that special someone. Or better yet – for yourself and for that special someone.
Picture these gifts if you will, gleaming below your tree, or in your stocking, or wherever else you like to lay out your presents! Deck yourself with holly, Steampunk Rings, Necklaces and Earrings, and clockwork wonders! Simply click on the images above and below and you will be whizzed off to London Particulars. And if you have any questions, or requests please feel free to send me a convo on Etsy!
And I’ll be back here with a showcase of new jewelry in the very near future!