Steampunk Jewelry Beastly Kraken Terror!

by Lora Sutton

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Steampunk Jewelry Beastly Kraken Terror!
Steampunk Jewelry Kraken Necklace Steampunk Jewelry Beastly Kraken Terror!


Steampunk Jewelry or Kraken? Shiver me timbers and you might need a bottle of rum to deal with this dreadful monster, washed up from the shadowy depths of Atlantis and captured upon a silver net.

Where this about your person as both an adornment and guardian!

If a foe or fiend accosts you, who knows perhaps the Kraken will awaken and accost them with its fearsome tentacles!

This Neo-Victorian marvel is formed by a Silver Plated Brass Octopus Vintage Tooling caught upon a Double Silver Plated Chain.
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