Steampunk Art, Octopi and Absinthe

Winona Cookie

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ramona Szczerba whose artwork you may have discovered on Etsy where she owns the rather splendid shop “Winona Cookie”.

Ramona’s artwork is full of wonderfully Neo-Victorian, Steampunk Iconography as well as the strange and foreboding “Moribund Manor” (guaranteed to give you the collywobbles) the whimsical and spellbinding “Teacup Travelers” and rather gruesome and unsettling “Balloon Boy” –  an image I shall take to the grave! I also recommend you pay a visit to the “The Demented Dr. Runcible” and catch a glimpse of his rather unusual cat.

So without further ado, head on over to my brand new Steampunk Art page and feast your peepers on the artwork, ideas and Neo-Victorian delights served up by Ramona…