Steampunk Jewelry

by Lora Sutton

SteampunkJewelryNecklace Steampunk Jewelry

Steampunk Jewelry Necklace

The world of Steampunk is currently enjoying a renaissance.
Out of all the strange and fascinating Steampunk accessories that go with this Neo- Victorian art form, my passion is for Steampunk Jewelry.

When I see someone wearing Steampunk Jewelry, it’s like a symbol, as recognisable as the compass and setsquare of the freemasons, the pentagram of the Wiccans or the Ankh of the Goths (and lets not forget Ancient Egyptians!).

In my mind there is so much more to Steampunk Jewelry than cogs and old watch parts glued to rings and pendants, with the repurposing of these components there is an intrinsic appreciation of the skill and artistry of the past.

Securing old watch parts has become no easy task, as enthusiasts are snapping up vintage timepieces and contemporary watches are comprised mainly of plastic, making them irrelevant.

Whilst there has always been a collectable market for wonderfully crafted timepieces

Sadly broken or less collectable watches were discarded, but with the Steampunk movement the intricate and beautiful objects of yesteryear have been given a new lease of life.

When you open the watches and clocks of yesteryear it’s like opening a treasure chest; you’ll often find rubies along with the elaborate and gorgeous movements.
With the resetting of these movements and rearrangement of the components these antiquated artefacts take on a fresh new relevance in this wonderful and intricate art form.

Elgin Silver Gold Necklace Steampunk Jewelry Necklaces in shades of blue

As mentioned in my last blog post, Spring is here and I’ve been busy making new Steampunk Jewelry. As you can see, this week’s jewelry theme is blue. Apart from the piece above, naturally.

Below are six pieces of very blue Steampunk Jewelry, to match the skies. These are just a small selection of the new pieces and I hope to post more on this blog in the near future. Simply click on any of the jewelry items and you will be whisked away to my Etsy Shop London Particulars. And as ever, if anything has sold out by the time you reach the shop, please feel free to convo me and I’ll see if I can make something especially for you!

Okay, without further ado, a few of the new pieces, including Steampunk Butterflies waiting to take wing into the lush bloom of Spring.

Aqua Blue Green Steampunk Butterfly Steampunk Jewelry Necklaces in shades of blue

Monatana Blue Steampunk Necklace Steampunk Jewelry Necklaces in shades of blue

Many Colored Steampunk Butterfly Steampunk Jewelry Necklaces in shades of blue

Round Blue Steampunk Necklace Steampunk Jewelry Necklaces in shades of blue

Blue Scarab Steampunk Necklace Steampunk Jewelry Necklaces in shades of blue

Steampunk Butterfly Necklace Steampunk Jewelry Necklaces in shades of blue

Steampunk Necklace Steampunk News 26th March – 2nd April


April is upon us, Spring is in full gear and the forges are fired in my Steampunk Workshop. Which means of course, the imminent arrival of new Steampunk Jewelry, soon to be featured on this blog and of course over at London Particulars.

Looking at the date, it will soon be my Six Year Anniversary for making Steampunk Jewelry and Clockwork Trinkets on Etsy! So to celebrate, a new line of jewelry is in the works, but until then, a roundup of Steampunk news & wonders from my Google+ profile, to enthrall and amaze your mind, soul and peepers!

New Steampunk Rings for March

As mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve been hard at work replenishing Steampunk Jewelry for London Particulars since the Valentine’s day rush. One of the hands-down most popular items in my shop are without a doubt, Steampunk rings. So […]

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Steampunk News and other musings

With a blitz of sales over at London Particulars during the lead up to Valentine’s Day, I’ve been busy at work creating brand new pieces of Steampunk jewelry. Some of which will be appearing on Etsy within the next few […]

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Have a Steamy Valentine’s with London Particulars!

Valentine’s day is almost upon us. Yes, it’s that time of year again where starstruck lovers gaze at each as if hypnotized, teenagers watch their letterboxes with the same intensity as Harry Potter waiting for an invite to Hogwarts, and […]

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Steampunk News and other strange things 14th January – 21st January

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog and a new year has dawned. The Holidays were as manic as ever and during them, oodles and oodles of Steampunk Jewelry were sent around the globe. Now, the clockwork helper […]

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Seven brand new Steampunk Necklaces from London Particulars

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been working on creating some new Steampunk Jewelry pieces. Among which are the very necklaces featured in this blog posting. With the Holidays fast approaching like a speedy speeding thing, London Particulars is […]

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Steampunk Jewelry, Cats & Clockwork Elves

The Clockwork Elves mentioned in my last post are now in overdrive. As am I! It’s getting so busy in the SteamCave that not only are the Clockwork Elves working at full tilt, but I have even roped in the […]

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Even more Steampunk Jewelry for the Holidays!

As promised in my last post, I’ve been super-busy making even more Steampunk Jewery Treasures. My neighbors must wonder what’s going on, such is the din of ticking, tocking and whirring coming from my Steamcave, both day and night. The […]

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Steampunk Jewelry Rings and shiny things for the Holidays!

 Tis the season to be steamy! Frost is glistening on the ground, the trees stand naked and the clockwork elves have returned to my Steam Cave. Right now they’re sorting through hundreds of cogs, gears and shiny Swarovski crystals & […]

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